Fashion With Purpose
& the purpose it to bring a change, a revolution in the fashion industry!

At Mamicha, we celebrate every body, every face, every shape, every size, and every age!

Chakshu Founder & C.E.O


Mamicha is a home grown premium clothing brand for women offering a collection of clothes & outfits curated from the high quality Indian Fabrics.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi is the art of filling the imperfect gaps in pottery with gold.

Just like those

our flaws can be filled with gold valued confidence, positive attitude & mindset

Size Inclusive
A plus size premium brand
where your weight or height
is just a number!

At Mamicha, we do not follow the traditional approach to sizing, but offer a more dynamic & customised sizing options to our customers.

Size Chart
Made To Order
You need it & we will make it!

At Mamicha, we believe in promoting slow fashion & thus we curate the perfect fit garment for you with the highest quality of fabrics & craftsmanship.

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